Funny Dance Moms Sayings That Will Keep You Laughing

Welcome, Reader! Are you ready to have a good laugh? In this article, we will dive into the world of funny dance moms sayings that are sure to make your day brighter. Whether you are a dance mom yourself or just enjoy the humorous side of parenting, these sayings will leave you in stitches. So, get ready to chuckle and let’s explore the world of dance moms in a lighthearted and fun way!

funny dance moms sayings

The Benefits of Knowing Funny Dance Moms Sayings

Laughter is the best medicine, and funny dance moms sayings can instantly bring joy and laughter to your day. Not only are these sayings entertaining, but they also provide a sense of camaraderie for all the dance moms out there. By sharing funny sayings, you can connect with other parents who understand the ups and downs of the dance world. Additionally, these sayings can lighten the mood during stressful dance competitions or rehearsals, creating a more positive and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

1. “I don’t dance, I perform in the shower.”

dance moms shower

Have you ever caught yourself dancing in the shower? This funny dance moms saying reminds us that true dancers perform even when nobody is watching. Embrace your inner dancer, even if you’re not on stage.

2. “Dance moms have moves too, just in the form of chasing after their kids.”

dance moms chasing kids

Dance moms have impressive moves of their own, but instead of dancing on stage, it’s chasing after their kids! This saying highlights the dedication and physicality required to be a dance mom.

3. “The only thing louder than dance moms cheering is the sound of their wallets opening.”

dance moms opening wallets

Dance moms are known for their enthusiastic support, and that includes opening their wallets to fund their children’s passion for dance. This saying playfully acknowledges the financial commitment dance moms make for their dancers.

4. “Dance moms know how to rock a messy bun and yoga pants like nobody’s business.”

dance moms messy bun yoga pants

Dance moms are experts at comfort and style, with their go-to look of a messy bun and yoga pants. This saying celebrates their effortlessly chic and practical fashion choices.

5. “Dance moms: the original hype squad.”

dance moms hype squad

Dance moms are always there to cheer on their dancers, pumping them up with enthusiasm and support. This saying recognizes their role as the original hype squad, always ready to motivate and encourage.

6. “Dance moms can squat lower than anyone in their kid’s dance class.”

dance moms squatting

Dance moms have a unique ability to squat lower than anyone else in the room. Whether it’s helping their child stretch or picking up dropped belongings, dance moms are the masters of low squats.

7. “Coffee: the fuel that keeps dance moms going.”

dance moms coffee

Coffee is practically a dance mom’s best friend. This saying acknowledges the important role coffee plays in keeping dance moms energized and ready to tackle anything that comes their way.


In conclusion, funny dance moms sayings add a touch of humor to the world of dance parenting. From the challenges of chasing after kids to showing off impressive squatting skills, dance moms deserve recognition for their dedication and constant support. By sharing these funny sayings, we can all unite in laughter and celebrate the joy dance brings to our lives. So, next time you find yourself in the company of dance moms, remember these funny sayings to bring a smile to their faces. Thank you for reading funny sayings at Don’t forget to check out our other hilarious articles and share the laughter with your fellow dance moms!

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