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Hello, Reader! Welcome to our article about funny friendship sayings on Tumblr. We have gathered a collection of hilarious and entertaining sayings that will surely put a smile on your face. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your day or share a good laugh with your friends, these funny friendship sayings from Tumblr are perfect for any occasion. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your heart out!


Friendship is a beautiful bond that brings joy and happiness to our lives. It is the foundation of meaningful relationships and a source of support and comfort during both good times and bad. And what better way to celebrate the special bond of friendship than with funny sayings that will make you laugh till your stomach hurts!

In today’s digital age, Tumblr has become a hub for funny and relatable content, including friendship sayings that are guaranteed to make you giggle. From witty one-liners to hilarious quotes about the ups and downs of friendship, Tumblr is a treasure trove for those in search of humor.

Whether you’re looking for a funny caption for your Instagram post with your best friend or simply in need of a good laugh, these funny friendship sayings from Tumblr will surely do the trick. So, get ready to discover some of the funniest and most entertaining sayings that will leave you in stitches!

The Benefits of Knowing Funny Friendship Sayings Tumblr

1. Creates a Positive Atmosphere: Sharing funny sayings with friends can lighten the mood and create a positive atmosphere. Laughter is contagious and can bring people closer together.

2. Relieves Stress: Laughter has been proven to reduce stress levels and release endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. Funny friendship sayings can provide a much-needed distraction from the stresses of daily life.

3. Strengthens Bonds: Laughing together strengthens the bond between friends. Funny friendship sayings can create shared memories and inside jokes that only true friends will understand.

4. Provides Entertainment: Funny sayings on Tumblr offer endless entertainment value. Whether you’re scrolling through your feed or sharing a hilarious post with your friends, these sayings never fail to bring a smile to your face.

5. Boosts Creativity: Funny friendship sayings can trigger your creative thinking and inspire you to come up with witty responses and comebacks. It challenges your mind to think outside the box and embrace humor in everyday life.

6. Enhances Communication: Sharing funny sayings can improve communication among friends. It opens up opportunities for lighthearted conversations and enables you to connect on a deeper level.

7. Promotes Positivity: Funny friendship sayings promote a positive outlook on life. They remind us to not take ourselves too seriously and to find humor in even the simplest things.

Funny Sayings

1. “A true friend is someone who thinks that you’re a good egg even though they know you’re slightly cracked.”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A funny illustration of an egg with a crack on it, symbolizing imperfections in a friendship.

2. “Friends don’t let friends do silly things alone.”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: Two friends holding hands and jumping into a pool together, representing the fun and adventurous nature of true friendship.

3. “Friendship is like peeing your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth.”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: An amusing cartoon depicting two friends laughing and pointing at each other, emphasizing the shared hilarity of friendship.

4. “I love how we can communicate just with facial expressions. It’s like our own secret language!”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A collage of funny facial expressions, showcasing the unique and unspoken communication that exists between close friends.

5. “A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A humorous image of a friend carrying a large sign that says “Friendship Emergency Exit”, highlighting the unwavering support and loyalty of true friends.

6. “Friendship is finding that special someone you can annoy for the rest of your life.”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A funny illustration of two friends playfully annoying each other, illustrating the playful and mischievous nature of long-lasting friendships.

7. “A friend is someone who knows all your secrets and still loves you – even with all your quirks and flaws!”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A comical image of two friends sharing a secret while wearing exaggerated disguises, symbolizing the trust and acceptance present in true friendships.

8. “Friends are like bras – they’re supportive, always close to your heart, and sometimes need adjustment.”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A humorous picture of two bras, one labeled “Friend A” and the other labeled “Friend B”, representing the supportive nature of true friends.

9. “Never let your best friend get lonely… keep disturbing them!”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A playful image of two friends playfully bothering each other, highlighting the importance of always being there for your best friend.

10. “A true friend stabs you in the front.”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A comical illustration of a friend holding a sword and playfully pretending to stab the other friend in the front, reflecting the honesty and openness present in true friendships.

11. “A friend will help you move, but a true friend will help you move a dead body!”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A funny image of two friends carrying a large bag labeled “Top Secret: Not a Dead Body”, symbolizing the extreme trust and willingness to help each other out.

12. “Good friends don’t let you do stupid things alone, but they also join in because it’s fun!”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A humorous illustration of two friends engaging in a silly and fun activity together, showcasing the shared adventurous spirit of true friends.

13. “A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A heartwarming image of two friends embracing each other, emphasizing the unconditional love and support that comes from true friendship.

14. “Friendship is when people know all about you but like you anyway.”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A humorous image of two friends wearing t-shirts with question marks on them, symbolizing the mystery and acceptance present in genuine friendships.

15. “A true friend is someone who never gets tired of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again!”

funny friendship sayings tumblr

Image: A comical illustration of one friend sitting attentively while the other friend talks animatedly, highlighting the patient and understanding nature of true friends.


In conclusion, funny friendship sayings from Tumblr are a wonderful way to celebrate the joy and laughter that comes from true friendships. These sayings not only entertain us but also strengthen the bond between friends and create lasting memories. By embracing humor and sharing funny moments, we can build relationships filled with love, support, and laughter.

So, next time you’re looking to bring a smile to your friend’s face or simply want to lighten the mood, remember these funny friendship sayings from Tumblr. Share a laugh, create inside jokes, and enjoy the beautiful journey of friendship together!

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