Funny Perverted Things to Say to Friends

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Hello, Reader! Welcome to our article on funny perverted things to say to friends. In this guide, we will be providing a list of humorous and light-hearted remarks that you can share with your friends. Whether you need a good laugh or simply want to add some fun to your conversations, these funny sayings are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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funny perverted things to say to friends

Tutorial on Funny Perverted Things to Say to Friends

Engaging in lighthearted banter with close friends is a great way to have fun and keep the atmosphere light. In this tutorial, we will be sharing some funny perverted things to say that can be used in a friendly context. These remarks are meant to be light-hearted and should be used in a close-knit group where everyone understands the humor involved. Remember to always consider your audience before using any of these sayings to ensure they are comfortable with this type of humor.

The Benefits of Knowing Funny Perverted Things to Say to Friends

Having a repertoire of funny perverted things to say to friends can be highly advantageous in many social situations. Whether you’re at a party, gathered with friends, or simply having a casual conversation, these humorous remarks can spice up the atmosphere and create moments of laughter. Additionally, sharing these funny sayings can help strengthen the bond between friends by promoting shared experiences and inside jokes.

15 Funny Sayings

funny perverted things to say to friends

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1. “Well, aren’t we just a bunch of perverted jokers.”

This saying is perfect for when you and your friends are engaging in playful banter or teasing each other humorously.

2. “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you look like an angel with a mischievous side.”

This saying can be used to playfully flirt with a friend while maintaining a light-hearted and humorous tone.

3. “If laughter is the best medicine, we must be the doctors of inappropriate humor.”

This saying highlights the shared sense of humor between friends and serves as a lighthearted compliment to their comedic abilities.

4. “Can we hire a censor to follow us around? We seem to have a knack for finding the funniest perverted comments.”

This saying acknowledges the tendency for you and your friends to stumble upon and find humor in perverted comments, reflecting your shared enjoyment of such humor.

5. “We must have a Ph.D. in inappropriate humor, with all the jokes we come up with.”

This saying emphasizes the level of expertise you and your friends possess when it comes to coming up with witty and perverted remarks.

6. “Our conversations always take a turn for the perverted, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

This saying expresses your appreciation for the lighthearted and humorous discussions you have with your friends, even when they delve into perverted territory.

7. “Who needs clean jokes when we can laugh at the dirtiest ones and still have a great time?”

This saying highlights the mutual understanding and enjoyment your friends share when it comes to appreciating and laughing at perverted jokes.

8. “Our humor might be inappropriate, but it always brings a smile to our faces.”

This saying acknowledges the nature of your humor as being inappropriate, but nevertheless, it never fails to bring joy and laughter to you and your friends.

9. “We’re like a comedy troupe specializing in perverted jokes. Can’t wait for our world tour!”

This saying playfully compares your group of friends to a comedy troupe that excels in delivering perverted jokes, adding a sense of grandeur and humor to your conversations.

10. “It’s amazing how our minds can twist even the most innocent statements into perverted humor. We’re truly talented.”

This saying highlights the creative and comedic abilities of your friends, portraying your ability to find humor in unexpected places.

11. “Sometimes I wonder about our mental sanity. But then I remember that we’re just perverted geniuses.”

This saying humorously acknowledges the unconventional thought processes and humor shared by your group of friends, framing it as a unique and genius trait.

12. “We can turn any innocent phrase into a perverted joke with just a single comment. It’s our superpower.”

This saying highlights your ability to navigate conversation and instantly turn them into humorous and perverted exchanges, showcasing your unique knack for comedy.

13. “Being friends with you all means I’ll never run out of perverted jokes. You’re a constant source of laughter.”

This saying expresses how grateful you are to have friends with whom you can engage in perverted humor, highlighting the endless laughter they bring to your life.

14. “Our inside jokes might be filled with innuendos, but they’re the glue that keeps our friendship alive.”

This saying emphasizes the role of perverted inside jokes in fostering a strong and lasting bond between friends, showcasing the unique nature of your friendship.

15. “We’ve mastered the art of perverted humor, and it’s our secret weapon against any dull moment.”

This saying portrays your proficiency in using perverted humor to combat boredom and inject fun into any situation, solidifying your friendship as a source of endless entertainment.


In conclusion, having a repertoire of funny perverted things to say to friends can add a light-hearted and enjoyable element to your conversations. These sayings can foster laughter, strengthen relationships, and create shared experiences within your friend group. However, it is crucial to consider your audience and ensure that everyone is comfortable with this type of humor. So, the next time you’re looking to bring some fun to the conversation, don’t hesitate to share one of these funny sayings with your friends!

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