Funny Random Things to Say on Snapchat


Hello Reader, welcome to our article on funny random things to say on Snapchat! In this tutorial, we will provide you with a list of hilarious sayings that you can use to entertain your friends on Snapchat. Whether you want to make someone laugh, lighten the mood, or just have a good time, these funny sayings will surely do the trick. So, get ready to spice up your Snapchat game with some humor!

Before we dive into the list of funny sayings, let’s talk about the benefits of knowing these random jokes and puns. Snapchat is a popular social media platform where users share photos and videos with their friends. By adding some funny elements to your Snapchat conversations, you can make your friends laugh, strengthen your friendships, and create memorable moments that will be cherished for a long time.

Benefits of Knowing Funny Random Things to Say on Snapchat

1. Laughter brings people closer together: Humor is a universal language that can instantly connect people. By sharing funny sayings on Snapchat, you can bridge the gap between you and your friends, making your relationships stronger.

2. Relieves stress and tension: Life can be overwhelming at times, but a good laugh can instantly lighten the mood. By sending funny snaps, you can help your friends release stress and enjoy a moment of pure joy.

3. Creates memorable moments: Funny sayings can turn a regular conversation into a memorable experience. Your friends will remember the laughter and the great time they had, making your Snapchat exchanges unforgettable.

4. Expresses your unique personality: Using funny sayings on Snapchat allows you to showcase your sense of humor and let your personality shine. It’s a fun way to let your friends know who you are and what makes you laugh.

5. Enhances communication skills: Sharing funny sayings requires creativity and wit. By constantly looking for new jokes and puns to share, you can improve your communication skills and become more engaging in conversations.

6. Boosts self-confidence: Making someone laugh feels good, and it boosts your self-confidence. By sharing funny sayings on Snapchat and receiving positive reactions, you’ll feel more comfortable expressing your humor in other aspects of your life too.

7. Makes Snapchat more entertaining: Snapchat is all about sharing fun and entertaining content. By incorporating funny sayings into your snaps, you can make your Snapchat experience more enjoyable for both yourself and your friends.

Funny Sayings

Below is a list of 15 funny sayings that you can incorporate into your Snapchat conversations:

Saying 1: “I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes. She hugged me.”

funny random things to say on snapchat

Explanation: This saying is a pun on the word “embrace.” It adds a playful twist to the idea of accepting mistakes, resulting in a humorous situation where the wife takes the word literally and hugs her husband.

Saying 2: “Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything!”

funny random things to say on snapchat

Explanation: This saying plays on the concept of atoms being the basic building blocks of everything. By saying that atoms make up everything, it creates a comical situation where scientists, who study atoms, can’t fully trust them.


In conclusion, knowing funny random things to say on Snapchat can greatly enhance your social interactions on the platform. By making your friends laugh and creating unforgettable moments, you can strengthen your relationships and enjoy a more entertaining Snapchat experience.

So, why wait? Start using these funny sayings on Snapchat and unleash your inner comedian. Bring joy, laughter, and humor to your conversations, and make your friends smile with each snap you send. Remember, laughter is contagious, so spread the fun and enjoy the positive effects it brings to your social connections.

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