Funny Response to Someone Saying “Go Back to Mexico”

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funny response to someone saying go back to mexico


Living in a diverse society, we often encounter individuals who make ignorant and disrespectful comments. One such comment is telling someone to “Go back to Mexico.” While it’s important to address such remarks seriously, there’s no harm in responding with humor and wit to lighten the atmosphere. In this tutorial, we will provide you with an array of funny and lighthearted responses to this offensive comment.

The Benefits of Knowing Funny Responses

Understanding funny responses to someone saying “Go back to Mexico” can be quite advantageous. Firstly, it allows you to diffuse tension surrounding an offensive comment by responding in a light-hearted manner. This can help maintain a positive atmosphere and limit conflict. Secondly, it enables you to assert your presence and challenge the ignorance of the person making the comment, all while exuding confidence and humor. Lastly, knowing funny responses allows you to demonstrate resilience and strength in the face of adversity, making the comment seem trivial and ineffective. So, let’s explore these funny sayings and learn how to respond with laughter!

Funny Sayings

1. “If I went back to Mexico, who would make all the tacos here?”

make all the tacosThis hilarious comeback plays on the stereotype that Mexicans are experts at making tacos. By questioning who would fulfill this essential culinary duty, you humorously highlight the absurdity of the comment while also highlighting the cultural contributions of Mexicans.

2. “Sure, but can you recommend a good moving company?”

good moving companyResponding with this witty remark acknowledges their request to go back to Mexico but adds a twist by asking for a recommendation for a moving company. This turning of the tables demonstrates your ability to take their comment lightly and flips the offensive suggestion on its head.

3. “I would, but there are too many sunburned tourists there already.”

sunburned touristsThis response not only injects humor into the situation but also subtly criticizes the negative aspects tourists may bring to Mexico, such as sunburns. By referencing this, you bring attention to the stereotypes associated with travel and emphasize the absurdity of the comment.

4. “Oh, sorry, my deportation was canceled. They said they needed more entertainment here.”

deportation canceledBy sarcastically claiming that your deportation was canceled because your presence adds entertainment value, you flip the comment into a positive light and mock the ignorance behind it. This witty response showcases your ability to turn a negative situation into a hilarious one.

5. “Go back to Mexico? Sorry, I can’t leave my position as Vice President of Sarcasm.”

Vice President of SarcasmThis response humorously suggests that your position as the Vice President of Sarcasm prevents you from leaving the area. It showcases your quick wit and ability to respond with a clever quip, rendering the comment meaningless in the face of your humorous comeback.

6. “Go back to Mexico? But my passport is running out of visa pages!”

passport running out of visa pagesThis response takes a light-hearted approach by jokingly suggesting that your passport is running out of visa pages due to frequent travels. This implies that you are a seasoned traveler and adds a playful twist to the comment.

7. “Why go back to Mexico when I can bring the fiesta here?”

bring the fiestaThis response showcases your vibrant personality and highlights the cultural festivities associated with Mexico. By suggesting that you can bring the lively spirit of Mexico to your current location, you turn the offensive comment into an opportunity for celebration and joie de vivre.

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In conclusion, humor can be a powerful tool in responding to offensive comments like “Go back to Mexico.” By intertwining laughter and wit, you can address ignorance while maintaining a positive and lighthearted atmosphere. We hope this article has provided you with an array of funny responses that empower you to challenge such remarks with amusement and confidence. Remember, a witty comeback not only diffuses tension but also showcases your resilience and strength. So, next time someone makes this offensive comment, unleash your humor and leave them speechless!

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