Funny Sayings to Say with Utter Nonsense

Reader, welcome to our latest article on funny sayings! In this piece, we will explore the world of utter nonsense and provide you with some hilarious sayings that are sure to make you laugh. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the joy of nonsensical humor.


In today’s fast-paced world, everyone needs a good laugh to lighten up their day. And what better way to do that than with funny sayings that make absolutely no sense? These witty and nonsensical phrases have a way of tickling our funny bones and bringing a smile to our faces.

In this tutorial, we will delve into the art of saying funny things that are completely nonsensical. We will explore the benefits of knowing such sayings and how they can bring joy and entertainment to our lives.

The Benefits of Funny Sayings

1. Laughter is the best medicine: Funny sayings can lift your mood, reduce stress, and provide a much-needed break from the daily grind. They have the power to make you forget your worries, even if just for a moment.

2. Icebreaker: Funny sayings can be a great way to break the ice in social situations. They can help you connect with others, lighten the atmosphere, and create a sense of camaraderie.

3. Entertainment value: Nonsensical humor is a form of entertainment in itself. Funny sayings can be a source of amusement and provide endless entertainment for both the speaker and the listener.

4. Mental stimulation: Trying to decipher the meaning behind funny sayings can be a fun exercise for your brain. It challenges your cognitive abilities and keeps your mind sharp.

5. Bonding with others: Sharing funny sayings with friends and family can strengthen relationships and create lasting memories. They can become inside jokes that bring people closer together.

6. Creativity boost: Coming up with your own funny sayings requires creativity and imagination. It can spark your creative thinking and inspire you to see the world from a different perspective.

7. Light-hearted fun: Sometimes, all you need is a good laugh. Funny sayings offer light-hearted fun and a welcome escape from the seriousness of everyday life.

Funny Sayings

Below are fifteen funny sayings that are sure to make you chuckle. Each saying is paired with an image taken from Bing to provide visual representation and enhance the humor.

1. “The banana chased the monkey up the tree!”

banana chased monkey up the tree

This saying reminds us of the unpredictable and absurd nature of life. It’s a humorous way of highlighting the unexpected twists and turns that can happen.

2. “Why did the chicken cross the road backwards?”

chicken cross road backwards

This saying takes a classic joke and turns it upside down. It’s a playful twist on a familiar phrase that will leave you scratching your head and laughing.

3. “I can’t believe I won the underwater bowling championship.”

underwater bowling championship

Imagine the absurdity of bowling underwater! This saying is a comical way of highlighting the unexpected and ridiculous situations that life can throw at us.

15. “I saw a squirrel riding a unicycle while juggling acorns.”

squirrel riding unicycle juggling acorns

This saying transports us into a world of whimsy and imagination. It’s a perfect example of the nonsensical humor that can bring a smile to our faces.


In conclusion, funny sayings with utter nonsense bring joy, laughter, and entertainment to our lives. They have numerous benefits, from reducing stress to fostering connections with others. Exploring the world of nonsensical humor allows us to tap into our creative side and see the world in a whole new light.

Thank you for taking the time to read our funny sayings article. We hope you enjoyed the witty and nonsensical phrases we shared. If you’re looking for more funny sayings, be sure to check out our funny sayings category for a good dose of laughter.