Funny Scottish Says: A Collection of Hilarious Scottish Phrases

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Welcome to, your ultimate source for all things funny. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Scottish humor and explore some of the funniest Scottish sayings. Prepare yourself for a laughter-filled journey as we uncover the wit and charm of the Scottish people.

funny scottish says


The Scottish people are known for their unique sense of humor. Their witty remarks and hilarious phrases have become legendary worldwide. Understanding “funny Scottish says” not only offers a good laugh but also provides a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Scotland.

In this tutorial, we will explore the various benefits of knowing these funny Scottish sayings. From brightening up conversations to impressing your Scottish friends, these humorous phrases hold many advantages.

The Benefits of Knowing Funny Scottish Says

1. Enhances Conversations:

Knowing funny Scottish sayings can add an extra layer of charm to your conversations. Whether you’re engaging in small talk or cracking jokes, these phrases will keep the laughter flowing.

2. Cultural Appreciation:

By learning Scottish sayings, you gain a deeper understanding of Scottish culture and traditions. It allows you to appreciate the unique humor that Scotland has to offer.

3. Creates Connections:

When you use these funny Scottish sayings, you instantly create a bond with Scots. It demonstrates your interest in their culture and shows that you value their sense of humor.

4. Icebreaker:

Do you find it difficult to break the ice in social situations? Knowing a few funny Scottish sayings can help you overcome the initial awkwardness and spark laughter, making it easier to connect with others.

5. Memorable Impressions:

Imprint lasting memories in people’s minds with your humorous Scottish phrases. People are more likely to remember those who make them laugh, giving you a memorable edge in social interactions.

6. Cultural Sensitivity:

Understanding funny Scottish sayings also helps foster cultural sensitivity. By appreciating and using their humor appropriately, you show respect towards the Scottish people.

7. Spreading Laughter:

Lastly, sharing funny Scottish sayings allows you to spread joy and laughter wherever you go. Your amusing phrases can brighten someone’s day and create a positive ripple effect.

15 Funny Scottish Says

funny scottish says

1. “Wee beastie” – A term used to refer to a mischievous child or pet.

2. “Dinnae fash yersel” – Don’t worry or stress yourself.

3. “Awa’ an bile yer heid” – Go away and boil your head (an expression used to dismiss someone’s opinion).

4. “Driech” – Used to describe something dull or dreary.

5. “Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye” – Whatever is meant to happen, will happen.

6. “Gie it laldy” – Give it all you’ve got.

7. “Lang may yer lum reek” – May you live long and well.

8. “Haud yer wheesht” – Be quiet or stop talking.

9. “Blether” – Someone who talks too much or engages in meaningless chatter.

10. “Braw” – Used to describe something that is excellent or beautiful.

11. “Dinnae teach yer granny to suck eggs” – Don’t give advice to someone who is more experienced than you.

12. “Drookit” – Soaking wet or drenched.

13. “Lang may yer lum reek!” – May you live long and prosper.

14. “Ye can tak’ the lassie oot the country, but ye cannae tak’ the country oot the lassie” – A rural upbringing never truly leaves you.

15. “Yer bum’s oot the windae” – You’re talking nonsense or exaggerating.


In conclusion, funny Scottish sayings add a touch of humor and cultural appreciation to your conversations. By learning these phrases, you enhance your social interactions and forge connections with Scottish individuals on a deeper level. So, don’t hesitate to incorporate some funny Scottish sayings in your everyday life and spread laughter wherever you go!

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