Funny Shirt Sayings for New Moms: Adding Some Laughter to Your Wardrobe

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Welcome to, your go-to source for all things funny and entertaining! In this article, we will explore the world of funny shirt sayings for new moms. Being a new mom is undoubtedly an exciting and joyful experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. That’s why we believe that injecting a bit of humor into your wardrobe can go a long way in lightening up those parenting moments. So, let’s dive in and discover the funniest shirt sayings that every new mom needs!

funny shirt sayings new mom

The Benefits of Knowing Funny Shirt Sayings as a New Mom

Adding funny shirt sayings to your wardrobe as a new mom can bring about several benefits:

1. Emotional well-being: Parenthood can be overwhelming, but a good laugh can make all the difference. Funny shirt sayings can instantly boost your mood and make you feel happier, even during those sleep-deprived nights.

2. Icebreaker: When you’re out and about with your little one, funny shirt sayings can serve as excellent conversation starters. They give others a glimpse into your personality and provide an opportunity for shared laughter.

3. Self-expression: Wearing a shirt with a funny saying allows you to showcase your unique sense of humor and personal style. It’s a fun and creative way to express yourself as a new mom.

4. Bonding with other parents: Parenthood comes with a built-in community, and funny shirt sayings can help you connect with other parents who share your humor and outlook on life.

5. Photo opportunities: Let’s face it – as a new mom, you’re bound to take countless pictures of your little one. By wearing a funny shirt saying, you can add an extra element of fun and quirkiness to those precious memories.

6. Confidence booster: Motherhood can sometimes make you question your abilities. Wearing a funny shirt saying can remind you that you’re doing an amazing job, instilling a sense of confidence and empowerment.

7. Spread joy: Funny shirt sayings have the power to brighten not only your day but also the days of those around you. You never know when a passerby needs a good laugh, and your shirt saying could be just the perfect pick-me-up they need.

Funny Sayings to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Now that we’ve covered the benefits, let’s explore fifteen hilarious shirt sayings that are perfect for new moms:

1. “Mommin’ Ain’t Easy!”

mommin' ain't easy

For those days when motherhood feels like an Olympic sport, this saying perfectly captures the trials and tribulations of being a mom.

2. “Naptime, Anytime”

naptime, anytime

When you eagerly await those precious moments of peace and quiet, this shirt saying emphasizes the importance of naptime in a humorous way.

3. “Baby CEO”

baby CEO

Remind everyone who’s really in charge with this funny shirt saying that declares your little one as the CEO of your life.

4. “Messy Bun, Getting Stuff Done”

messy bun, getting stuff done

For those occasions when you rock the messy bun but still manage to handle all your mommy duties like a boss.

5. “Chaos Coordinator”

chaos coordinator

Let the world know that you thrive in the midst of chaos and can handle whatever mayhem motherhood throws at you.

6. “Tired as a Mother”

tired as a mother

A play on words, this shirt saying humorously captures the exhaustion that comes with being a new mom.

7. “Coffee and Cuddles: My Parenting Essentials”

coffee and cuddles parenting essentials

Declare your love for coffee and cuddles – the two things that are essential for surviving the rollercoaster ride of parenting.

8. “World’s Okayest Mom”

world's okayest mom

Embrace the imperfections of motherhood with this witty saying that reminds us that it’s okay not to be perfect.

9. “I Make Milk. What’s Your Superpower?”

i make milk, what's your superpower?

Celebrate the incredible superpower of breastfeeding and all the hard work that goes into nourishing your little one.

10. “Winging It: Mom Edition”

winging it, mom edition

Admit that none of us really have it all figured out and that we’re all just flying by the seat of our pants when it comes to parenting.

11. “Raising Tiny Humans: It’s Exhausting”

raising tiny humans, it's exhausting

Highlight the exhausting yet rewarding journey of raising little humans with this humorous shirt saying.

12. “Outnumbered, But In Charge”

outnumbered, but in charge

Show that being outnumbered by your kids doesn’t mean you’ve lost control – you’re still the boss!

13. “Mom Brain: Powered by Love”

mom brain, powered by love

Embrace the forgetful moments with this cute saying that reminds us that love fuels everything a mom does.

14. “Life’s MESSY. CanvaS”

life's messy, canvas

Play on words with a clever twist, this shirt saying acknowledges the messiness of life while highlighting the beauty of your journey.

15. “Best. Job. Ever.”

best job ever

Sum up the rewarding experience of being a new mom with this simple and heartfelt declaration.

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As a new mom, incorporating funny shirt sayings into your wardrobe can add a touch of humor and joy to your daily life. Whether it’s embracing the chaos or celebrating the quirks of motherhood, these shirt sayings help you navigate the ups and downs with a smile.

Head over to to explore more hilarious sayings and find the perfect addition to your collection. Don’t let the parenting journey become too serious – add some laughter and fun with our wide range of funny shirt sayings!

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