Funny Shona Sayings

Hello Reader, welcome to our article on “Funny Shona Sayings.” In this article, we will explore the world of Shona language and its amusing sayings. Shona is a Bantu language spoken by the Shona people in Zimbabwe, and it is known for its rich proverbs and humorous expressions. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of funny Shona sayings!

funny shona sayings


Shona is not only a language of communication but also a language that showcases the wit and humor of its speakers. Funny Shona sayings are an integral part of the culture, reflecting the creativity and playfulness of the Shona people. These sayings, often characterized by their clever wordplay and unexpected twists, are a source of amusement and entertainment for both native speakers and those interested in learning about the language. In this article, we will explore the importance of funny Shona sayings and delve into some popular examples.

The Benefits of Knowing Funny Shona Sayings

Understanding and appreciating funny Shona sayings can have several benefits. Let’s explore some of them:

  1. Connect with Shona Speakers: Funny sayings are an essential part of Shona culture, and knowing them can help you connect with native speakers on a deeper level. You can use these sayings to break the ice, initiate conversations, and build stronger relationships.
  2. Show Cultural Appreciation: Learning and sharing funny Shona sayings demonstrates your interest and appreciation for the Shona culture. It shows that you value their language, traditions, and sense of humor, fostering mutual respect and cultural exchange.
  3. Enhance Language Skills: Funny Shona sayings often incorporate unique vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and linguistic structures. By learning these sayings, you can expand your Shona language skills and deepen your understanding of its nuances.
  4. Break the Ice: Using funny Shona sayings can help you break the ice in social settings, creating a friendly and jovial atmosphere. These sayings can serve as conversation starters and icebreakers, making interactions more enjoyable and memorable.
  5. Entertain and Amuse: Funny sayings are meant to entertain and amuse. By knowing funny Shona sayings, you can bring laughter and joy to conversations, storytelling sessions, or public speaking engagements.
  6. Discover Cultural Insights: Many funny Shona sayings carry cultural insights, reflecting the values, beliefs, and experiences of the Shona people. By exploring these sayings, you can gain a deeper understanding of the culture and its underlying meanings.
  7. Expand Your Repertoire: Adding funny Shona sayings to your repertoire of jokes and witty expressions allows you to diversify your communication style. It enables you to connect with a broader range of people and showcase your multicultural knowledge.

15 Funny Shona Sayings

Now, let’s explore some popular funny Shona sayings that will bring a smile to your face:

1. Handiti ndiri kuda kuzviita murume!

Handiti ndiri kuda kuzviita murume!

This saying translates to “I would rather be a man myself!” It is used humorously to imply that someone believes they can handle a situation better than others, regardless of their gender.

2. Kuchinja ngoma ikaramba iyo!

Kuchinja ngoma ikaramba iyo!

Kuchinja ngoma ikaramba iyo! literally translates to “Dancing while the drum is not in rhythm!” It is used to humorously describe someone who is doing something out of sync or not conforming to the expected norms.

3. Kukonzera muswe weshumba!

Kukonzera muswe weshumba!

Kukonzera muswe weshumba! means “Feeding a hyena with a spoon!” This saying is used to describe a fruitless or futile effort, highlighting the absurdity of attempting something that is ultimately destined to fail.

4. Zviroto zvaunokwanisa ndizo zvako!

Zviroto zvaunokwanisa ndizo zvako!

When someone says Zviroto zvaunokwanisa ndizo zvako!, they mean “You are the master of your own mischief!” It is used humorously to acknowledge someone’s mischievous or playful nature.

5. Tambira wako murume, unoishopiwa!

Tambira wako murume, unoishopiwa!

This saying translates to “Dance to your own tune, and you will be gifted with a cooking stick!” It is used to encourage someone to be true to themselves and embrace their individuality.

6. Anova musanga, achatwara nenyota!

Anova musanga, achatwara nenyota!

The saying Anova musanga, achatwara nenyota! means “The one who hides in the thatched hut will get burned by the stars!” It hilariously illustrates the consequences of hiding or trying to stay out of trouble.

7. Kunyinda chete, musatya mvura!

Kunyinda chete, musatya mvura!

When someone says Kunyinda chete, musatya mvura!, they mean “Urinating only, don’t get wet!” This saying humorously suggests that someone is trying to avoid taking full responsibility and is only interested in the benefits.

These are just a few examples of the vibrant and amusing funny Shona sayings. Explore more and enjoy the rich humor and cultural insights they offer!


In conclusion, funny Shona sayings provide a glimpse into the lively and humorous side of the Shona culture. By learning and appreciating these sayings, you can connect with native speakers, enhance your language skills, and spread laughter and joy. So next time you are in Zimbabwe or engaging with Shona speakers, don’t forget to share some of these funny sayings to lighten the mood and create memorable moments!

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