Exploring Funny Slang Sayings 2017

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Welcome to our humorous journey delving into the realm of funny slang sayings of 2017. In this article, we will explore the entertaining world of contemporary language and how it has evolved to incorporate new and amusing expressions. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to chuckle as we dive into the wittiest and quirkiest sayings of recent times.

Why Should You Know 2017’s Funny Slang Sayings

Understanding and keeping up with current slang is a fun way to stay connected with popular culture and social trends. It allows you to appreciate and participate in conversations, memes, and jokes that revolve around these sayings. Moreover, being knowledgeable about funny slang sayings can help you break the ice in social situations, add a touch of humor to your conversations, and showcase your ability to adapt to changing linguistic landscapes.

Funny Sayings Subheadings

1. “LOLz, I can’t even!”

LOLz I can't even!

Image: A woman laughing uncontrollably, unable to contain her amusement.

This hilarious saying is often used to convey an overwhelming sense of amusement or disbelief. It suggests that something is so funny or ridiculous that it leaves the person unable to articulate a coherent response. It’s the perfect phrase to use when you come across something incredibly funny or absurd.

2. “Netflix and chill”

Netflix and chill

Image: A couple snuggled up on a couch, watching a movie.

Originating from the popular streaming service, Netflix, this saying has taken on an entirely different meaning. It’s now commonly used as an innuendo for a casual sexual encounter or a euphemism for inviting someone over for intimate activities disguised as watching Netflix. It’s a humorous way to indicate a desire for a low-key and relaxed rendezvous.

3. “Slay, queen!”

Slay, queen!

Image: A confident and empowered woman striking a powerful pose.

This empowering phrase is often used to express admiration and support for someone who excels in a particular field or has achieved something remarkable. It encourages individuals to embrace their strengths, conquer challenges, and radiate confidence. It’s a playful and uplifting way to cheer on someone’s success.

4. “On fleek”

On fleek

Image: A woman with perfectly shaped eyebrows.

This saying refers to when something is perfect or flawless. Originally popularized to describe perfectly groomed eyebrows, it has evolved to signify anything that looks exceptionally good or is executed flawlessly. From makeup to outfits to hairstyles, “on fleek” is the go-to phrase to compliment impeccable style or flawless execution.

5. “FOMO – Fear of Missing Out”

FOMO - Fear of Missing Out

Image: A group of friends having a great time at a party.

In an era dominated by social media, FOMO refers to the fear of missing out on exciting experiences or events that others are participating in. It’s that uneasy feeling that arises when you see posts or pictures of your friends having a blast without you. This relatable phrase captures the pervasive anxiety bred by constant online connectivity.

6. “Squad goals”

Squad goals

Image: A group of friends posing together, radiating confidence and unity.

This light-hearted phrase is often used to express admiration for a group of friends who exude a strong bond, style, or unity. It’s commonly associated with photos of groups who display a remarkable level of camaraderie and coolness, making viewers aspire to have similar friendships or become part of that group.

7. “Yasss!”


Image: A woman showing absolute excitement and approval.

“Yasss!” is an exclamation of enthusiasm or excitement. It’s often exclaimed when something fabulous, incredible, or positive happens. The elongated “s” sound in “yasss” emphasizes the level of excitement and approval. It’s a lively and expressive way to show support or acknowledge something great.

The Pros and Cons of Funny Slang Sayings 2017

Like any evolving language phenomenon, funny slang sayings of 2017 have their fair share of pros and cons. Let’s explore them in detail:


1. Enhanced Communication: Funny slang sayings can add humor, wit, and charm to conversations, making them more engaging and memorable.

2. Social Connection: Being familiar with current slang allows you to connect and relate better with peers, friends, and colleagues, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

3. Pop Culture Relevance: Understanding funny slang sayings ensures you’re in the loop with the latest trends, memes, and references, enabling you to participate actively in contemporary cultural conversations.

4. Expressiveness: These sayings provide a new and creative way to express emotions, opinions, and reactions, adding depth and character to your language.


1. Miscommunication: Funny slang sayings can be misinterpreted or misunderstood by those unfamiliar with them, leading to confusion or unintentionally offending others.

2. Age and Generation Gap: Older generations may find it challenging to keep up with rapidly evolving slang, which can create barriers in intergenerational communication.

3. Overuse and Saturation: The continuous use of trendy slang expressions can lead to their dilution and loss of impact, making conversations repetitive and less meaningful.

4. Exclusionary Nature: When slang becomes too specific or niche, it can unintentionally exclude individuals who are not part of the relevant subculture or community, creating a sense of alienation.

Conclusions That Inspire Action

In conclusion, expanding your knowledge of funny slang sayings of 2017 brings many benefits. From enhanced communication and social connection to pop culture relevance and expressiveness, these sayings enrich conversations and strengthen bonds. However, it’s important to navigate the cons carefully, ensuring that these expressions do not lead to miscommunication, detachment, or exclusion.

So, embrace the amusing world of funny slang sayings 2017, have a good laugh, and effortlessly connect with the zeitgeist of modern language!

Closing Thoughts

Thank you for joining us on this humorous exploration of funny sayings. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and have gained valuable insights into the entertaining world of slang. For more funny sayings and light-hearted content, visit us at funnysayings.us.