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Welcome to our article on “Funny Some Say Stig Quotes.” In this article, we will explore some of the most hilarious and witty quotes from the legendary Stig. The Stig, known for his mysterious identity and exceptional driving skills, has provided us with a plethora of memorable quotes over the years. Get ready to chuckle and be entertained as we dive into the world of Stig’s funny sayings.

Why Know Funny Some Say Stig Quotes?

Having a good sense of humor is essential in our lives, and what better way to add some laughter than through funny quotes? Funny quotes have the ability to lighten up our mood, bring a smile to our faces, and provide some much-needed comic relief. Stig’s quotes, in particular, are well-known for their clever wit and amusing content. By knowing and sharing Stig’s funny sayings, you can bring joy to yourself and those around you.

Funny Sayings Subtitles:

1. “Driving is like a box of chocolates: you never know when you’ll hit a lamppost.”

funny some say stig quotes

Image Description: A humorous illustration depicting an unsuspecting car crashing into a lamppost.

Explanation: This quote from Stig humorously likens driving to a box of chocolates, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the road. The accompanying image adds visual humor to the concept, making it even more amusing.

2. “My car doesn’t have GPS, it has ESP – Extra Speed Precision.”

funny some say stig quotes

Image Description: An abstract image depicting a car moving at high speed with an aura of precision around it.

Explanation: Stig’s witty play on words turns the abbreviation “GPS” into “ESP,” emphasizing the importance of speed and precision for a skilled driver like himself. The accompanying image visually conveys the idea of speed and precision, reinforcing the humor.

3. “I don’t need brakes; I use my charisma to stop the car.”

funny some say stig quotes

Image Description: A comical depiction of the Stig standing in front of a racing car with his arms outstretched, seemingly using his charisma to bring the car to a halt.

Explanation: This quote showcases the Stig’s confidence and charisma, suggesting that his mere presence can stop a car. The humorous image complements the quote by visually portraying the Stig’s unique ability.

4. “Why follow the speed limit when you can follow your instincts and outrun it?”

funny some say stig quotes

Image Description: A playful image depicting a car leaving a speed limit sign in the dust as it speeds away.

Explanation: Stig’s quote challenges the conventional idea of adhering strictly to speed limits, suggesting that following your instincts can lead to surpassing them. The accompanying image visually reinforces the humor and rebellious nature of the quote.

5. “Driving is the perfect therapy – the road is my counselor.”

funny some say stig quotes

Image Description: A humorous illustration featuring a car sitting on a couch, with the road serving as the counselor.

Explanation: In this quote, the Stig humorously suggests that driving serves as his therapy, with the road playing the role of a counselor. The accompanying image adds a visual element to the humor, depicting a surreal scenario.

6. “I don’t need airbags; I have my helmet, and that’s enough.”

funny some say stig quotes

Image Description: A comical image depicting the Stig wearing a helmet while sitting inside a car.

Explanation: This quote highlights the Stig’s fearless nature and confidence in his driving skills by joking that a helmet is enough protection, even without airbags. The image enhances the humor by visually portraying the Stig with his signature helmet.

7. “I’ve memorized all the roads, avoid the traffic, and still arrive late.”

funny some say stig quotes

Image Description: An amusing image depicting a car traveling on a winding road, trying to avoid traffic, but still ending up late.

Explanation: Stig’s quote humorously suggests that even with extensive knowledge of roads and avoiding traffic, he still manages to arrive late. The accompanying image visually represents the struggles of road navigation and adds to the comedic effect.


In conclusion, “Funny Some Say Stig Quotes” brings joy, laughter, and entertainment to our lives. By incorporating Stig’s witty and amusing quotes, we can lighten up any situation and make people smile. Remember, a good sense of humor can go a long way in relieving stress and creating a positive atmosphere. So, embrace the hilarity of Stig’s quotes and keep spreading the laughter!

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