Funny Spanish Sayings from Shows

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In this article, we will explore the world of funny Spanish sayings from shows. As we dive into the realm of entertainment, we will discover the wit and humor embedded within popular Spanish television shows. By the end of this article, you will not only be entertained but also have a better understanding of the cultural references and linguistic nuances that make these funny sayings so memorable.

funny spanish sayings from shows

Why Should You Know Funny Spanish Sayings from Shows?

Knowing funny Spanish sayings from shows is not only a source of amusement but also a way to connect with Spanish-speaking cultures. These sayings often reflect the unique sense of humor and playfulness embedded in the language. By familiarizing yourself with these sayings, you can engage in conversations, bond with native speakers, and appreciate the rich linguistic heritage of Spanish-speaking countries.

Funny Sayings 1: “¡Qué guay!”

¡Qué guay!

This popular Spanish saying, “¡Qué guay!” translates to “How cool!” or “That’s awesome!” The exclamation is often used to express excitement or admiration for something. Whether it’s a funny situation or an impressive performance, uttering “¡Qué guay!” will undoubtedly elicit a chuckle or nod of agreement.

The image above perfectly captures the sentiment behind “¡Qué guay!” – a person with a surprised and delighted expression. It signifies the reactions people have when something funny or enjoyable occurs in a show.

Funny Sayings 2: “Se armó el Belén”

Se armó el Belén

“Se armó el Belén” is an amusing Spanish saying that translates to “All hell broke loose.” This expression is commonly used when chaos or a commotion ensues. It paints a vivid and humorous picture of a situation spiraling out of control, evoking laughter and a shared understanding among viewers.

The image above depicts a scene of pandemonium, perfectly capturing the essence of “Se armó el Belén.” It showcases the chaotic nature and humorous side of the saying, emphasizing the unexpected hilarity that arises from such scenarios in shows.


In conclusion, exploring funny Spanish sayings from shows not only provides entertainment but also fosters a deeper connection with Spanish-speaking cultures. Through these humorous expressions, we gain insight into the language, cultural references, and comedic elements that make Spanish television shows so popular.

With a repertoire of funny sayings, you can effortlessly engage in conversations, connect with native speakers, and become part of the rich linguistic tapestry of Spanish-speaking countries. So, embrace the humor and wit of funny Spanish sayings from shows and enhance your cultural understanding today!

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