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Greetings, esteemed readers of! Today, we delve into the hilarious world of the funny sayings that can only come from Mexican moms. Brace yourselves for some rib-tickling laughter as we embark on this entertaining journey. Sit back, relax, and get ready to learn the quirky phrases that Mexican moms often use to navigate through life.

funny stuff mexican moms say


Have you ever found yourself chuckling at the witty remarks your Mexican mom makes? These humorous sayings not only bring laughter to our lives but also shed light on the unique culture and mindset of Mexican families. From their quick comebacks to their loving advice, Mexican moms never fail to entertain us. In this tutorial, we will explore the funniest and most memorable sayings that Mexican moms are known for.

The Benefits of Knowing “Funny Stuff Mexican Moms Say”

Learning the funny sayings of Mexican moms offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows us to appreciate the humor and wit that exists within Mexican households. These sayings provide insight into the playfulness and lightheartedness that Mexican moms bring to their daily lives. Secondly, understanding these sayings enables us to bridge cultural gaps and create stronger connections with our Mexican friends and family members. By sharing in their humor, we can form deeper bonds and enjoy a sense of camaraderie. Lastly, the comedic value of these sayings cannot be denied. Laughter is a universal language, and when we share a laugh with Mexican moms, we experience joy and happiness that transcends borders.

Funny Sayings

1. “¡No manches!” – This saying is used to express disbelief or surprise, often in response to an outrageous or shocking situation. It directly translates to “Don’t stain yourself!” and conveys a sense of amazement.

No manches

2. “¡Ay, mijito/a!” – This endearing phrase is used by Mexican moms to address their children. It translates to “Oh, my little one!” and is often accompanied by a hug or a pat on the back. It is a way of showing affection and reminding their children of their love.

Ay mijito

3. “¡Qué padre!” – This saying means “How cool!” or “How awesome!” It is used to express excitement or admiration for something or someone. Mexican moms are known for their enthusiasm and this phrase perfectly captures their joyful nature.

Que padre

4. “¡Ay, qué barbaridad!” – This exclamation translates to “Oh, how terrible!” or “Oh, how outrageous!” It is used to convey shock or disapproval. Mexican moms are masters at expressing their strong opinions and this phrase is their go-to when confronted with something they find unacceptable.

Ay que barbaridad

5. “¡Estás en las nubes!” – This saying means “You’re in the clouds!” and is used to describe someone who is daydreaming or not paying attention. Mexican moms use this phrase to bring their children back to reality and remind them to focus on the task at hand.

Estas en las nubes

6. “¡No te hagas pato/a!” – This humorous phrase literally means “Don’t pretend to be a duck!” It is used when someone is trying to avoid taking responsibility or pretending not to understand a situation. Mexican moms use this saying to encourage their children to be honest and accountable.

No te hagas pato

7. “¡A ojo de buen cubero!” – This saying translates to “By good estimator’s eye!” and is used to indicate an approximate measurement or estimation. Mexican moms often rely on their intuition and experience when it comes to quantities and this phrase captures their clever estimation skills.

Ojo de buen cubero

8. “¡No me chilles, que no te veo!” – This playful phrase means “Don’t shout at me because I can’t see you!” It is used when someone is being overdramatic or demanding attention. Mexican moms use this saying to bring humor to tense situations and lighten the mood.

No me chilles

9. “¡Se me hace agua la boca!” – This mouth-watering saying means “My mouth is watering!” It is used when Mexican moms talk about delicious food or anticipate a tasty meal. It reflects their appreciation for good food and their ability to savor every bite.

Se me hace agua la boca

10. “¡Cálmate o te doy una chinga!” – This warning translates to “Calm down or I’ll give you a beating!” It is a playful threat used by Mexican moms to discipline their children. While it may sound harsh, it is usually said with a loving tone and serves as a reminder to behave.

Calmate o te doy una chinga

11. “¡Que no se te haga costumbre!” – This saying means “Don’t make it a habit!” It is used to caution someone against repeating a behavior that is considered undesirable or inappropriate. Mexican moms use this phrase to instill good habits in their children and prevent them from making the same mistakes.

Que no se te haga costumbre

12. “¡Andas de malas!” – This expression means “You’re in a bad mood!” or “You’re having bad luck!” It is used to acknowledge when someone is having a rough day or experiencing a streak of unfortunate events. Mexican moms use this saying to empathize with their loved ones and offer support.

Andas de malas

13. “¡Aguas, con el tren!” – This warning translates to “Watch out for the train!” and is used when cautioning someone to be careful or avoid danger. Mexican moms employ this phrase to ensure the safety of their loved ones and emphasize the importance of taking precautions.

Aguas con el tren

14. “¡Ya valiste el día!” – This saying means “You’ve ruined the day!” or “You’re in trouble now!” It is used when someone has made a significant mistake or is in a troublesome situation. Mexican moms use this phrase to convey their disappointment and urge their children to rectify the situation.

Ya valiste el dia

15. “¡Ay, Dios mío, qué dichoso estás!” – This expression translates to “Oh, my God, how fortunate you are!” It is used when someone is boasting or showing off their achievements. Mexican moms use this phrase sarcastically to remind their loved ones to stay humble and grounded.

Ay Dios mio que dichoso estas


After diving into the world of funny stuff Mexican moms say, we hope you’ve had a good laugh and gained a deeper understanding of the Mexican culture. These sayings not only bring joy to our lives but also exemplify the love, wit, and wisdom with which Mexican moms navigate through life. Embracing these phrases allows us to appreciate the humor and strengthens our connections to the Mexican community.

So, the next time you hear one of these funny sayings from a Mexican mom, embrace the laughter and enjoy the unique perspective on life that they bring. Remember, a little humor goes a long way in creating happiness and building stronger relationships.

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